Social Universe – Unparalleled Intelligence

Social Universe is an intelligence platform that integrates and analyze trillions of heterogeneous data signals to reveal market and consumer insights. 
Unlock valuable insights by observing behaviors in the physical and digital world.
Analyze patterns to identify the right products to cross sell and upsell to your current customers at the appropriate moments.
Build more informed business strategies by understanding what other companies your customers are engaging with.
Identify the right audience segments at the right time in the open market.
Optimize location selection based on observed mobility patterns for target segments.
Drive customer engagement by anticipating and supporting significant life events.


How It Works

Combine Data
Anonymized first-party data is transferred into our privacy-preserving safe haven. It then undergoes a matching process with hundreds of billions of de-identified observed data signals from our data partners.
Apply Algorithms
Proprietary algorithms are applied to the integrated data set to derive thousands of market and consumer insights.
Drive Business
Social Universe gives you insights to learn more about your customers, the market, and specific competitors.


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